Lawn Care Services (The Lawn Doctor) Division

Lawn Care Services (The Lawn Doctor);

‘The grass is always greener on our side

‘try and find something that sustainably works for your lawn and stick with it for year round lush green and healthy lawn’

The starting point for a greener, healthier lawn is to have an EVERGREEN LAWN-PRO specialist evaluate your lawns and give you an indepth 14 point Lawn Analysis.

A typical EVERGREEN LAWN-PRO service includes;

  • Weed control

  • Insect control

  • Disease & Pest control

  • Soil fertility analysis (over 20 point analysis)

  • Lawn fertilization

  • Improvement of soil structure

  • Lawn Maintenance Programmes

  • Lawn rejuvenation


Would you like to have a beautiful lawn? If Your answer is YES, continue reading. Beautiful lawns increase the aesthetic appeal of a property as well as increasing the property value. You may have continued to apply greenkeeping techniques  and advise given by nurseries, neighbours, family members and friends with minimal success.

  • That is why homeowners are more than happy to hand over the reins to the real hands-on specialists; EVERGREEN LAWN-PRO. EVERGREEN LAWN-PRO can provide just what is needed. a beautiful, healthy lush green lawn, at a better price than they can do the job themselves.

  • EVERGREEN LAWN-PRO will look after a home owner’s lawn similar to the greenkeepers keen eye on a golf course, thus improving the lawn’s aesthetic appeal and increasing property value.

The region’s top lawn service is a simple phone call away.

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To contact our Lawn Doctor, call 0722 920 754 or Drop us an email on


Sports Grounds Development Division

Sports Fields Development; Design, construction and management of sporting surfaces using both Natural and Artificial grasses for soccer, golf courses, cricket, bowling, tennis among others. Repairs and upgrading  of golf course greens, tees, bunkers and fairways, drainage installations on golf courses and football fields, pest and disease management on crops, grasses and ornamental plants, building of mini-golf / fun golf facilities, irrigation installation on sportsfields.


Landscaping Division

EVERGREEN will provide your site with the following services;

  • Landscape & Garden Layout & Design
  • Landscape & Garden Installation.
  • Landscape & Garden Maintenance & Management.
  • Landscape & Sports fields Irrigation Installation.
  • Old Garden Refurbishment.
  • Installation, Care & Maintenance of Indoor Potted Plants.
  • Turf Equipment Supply, Care, Service, Repairs and Hire.
  • Supply of Gardening Consumables.
  • Supply of Lawns, Sports grasses and Landscape plants.
  • Supply of potted and indoor plants.
  • Training & Mentoring of Gardeners and Grounds Staff.

Environmental Conservation Division

EVERGREEN's pursuit to promoting nature and biodiversity have established tree and landscape plants nurseries.

We supply plants in polybags, containers and bare root types.Shall you have a tree planting excursion, we shall gladly partner with you to increase vegetation cover as well as increasing ecosystem health.


Agriculture Division

Horticultural Production; growing of vegetables, fruits and cut foliage for the local and export markets. We have lined new products and services for you before the close of 2015.

We produce making keen application of the safe crop production and plant management   protocols (GAPs) to ensure our clients access fresh produce devoid of chemical residues.

New 2015 ‘Arrivals’ include;

  • EVERGREEN  FARM CARE - Agrochemical Supplies for Crop & Animal Production.
  • EVERGREEN FEEDS - Production of Animal feeds.
  • EVERGREEN SEEDS - Imports and supply of seeds for agriculture, sports grasses and forestry.
  • EVERGREEN COUNTY WHITES & GREENS - Production of white meats and local   indigenous vegetables.
  • EVERGREEN EDUCATION - Training and demonstrations in Agriculture & Conservation
  • EVERGREEN Seedlings Production & Supply
  • EVERGREEN Soil & Crop Nutrition Analysis Agency


Training, Mentoring & Coaching Division

Training, Mentoring & Coaching; In Lawns Care & Greenkeeping, Agriculture, Horticulture, Conservation and Sportsfields care and management. We value training gardeners, machine operators, pest scouts, pest control technicians, supervisors, grounds maintenance staff on proper agricultural practices not only to improve their efficiency but also to improve yields, offer quality services and also mentor young agriculturists and horticulturists.
We train and mentor in various relevant disciplines including; soil and fertility management, record keeping, machine operation, preventive maintenance, tree nursery establishment and management, knowledge of plants in the landscape and gardens, pest and disease identification and control, safe use of pesticides and IPM.